Malcancior Precien Kordovius

Notes from 3/26

  • Start with two different parties

    • Radavan and Aurelio are still in the lower hive

      • Decide to travel back to the middle hive, blending in with the masses of people leaving

        • All power is still out, millions of people affected, 1/4th of the hive out of power
        • Meet with up with Grendal and Stig
        • Radavan is accosted by some medics in the middle hive

          • Vedik is the medic

            • We conscript him into service
        • Meet with the Arbiter, tell him that the Adeptus Mechanus is behind the Worm

          • He leaves to take the news to the Arbites
  • Leave the mid hive to search for a place to kidnap a mid-level Techpriest

    • Searching for a mechanus building or something higher priority

      • Find out about a power station being built about 35 miles outside of the hive

        • Found something buried underneath the ground
  • Procured a vehicle to drive out to the site

    • No road access, had to stop outside the volcano
  • Stopped by Tim K, the foreman

    • Demand to see the Magos Kelsoth

      • Are allowed into the trailer by Stig’s mind domination
  • Inside the trailer, speak with the Magos

    • Attempt to intimidate, fails
    • Attempts to dominate, fails
    • Situation deescalates, speaking under truce

      • Kelsoth knows nothing about the worm or about any heresy
      • Says that the servitors were odd
      • If a single Magos has gone rogue, it is in the best interests of the Mechanus to get rid of the subversive
    • He’s interested in the missing medical ship

      • Only about 45% of the mass of the ship was accounted for in the explosion

        • Like it had been a skeleton ship
  • Gotta catch a ship to the Agri world with the rebellion to look at the crash site

    • Plan for our shipping container to be packed up and shipped to the Agri world
    • Did some shopping on the moon
    • Packed back into the shipping container and prepared to land on the friendly side of the planet
  • Ended session, gained 300 xp



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