Malcancior Precien Kordovius

Notes from 2/26
  • Splitting into two groups

    • Radovan and Grendal go to the local power station

      • Are able to find a page with a bunch of numbers, map of the area
    • Silus, Aurelio, and Stig go to search the city for the elders/a Servitor

      • Notice that people with the most augs are driving mining trucks

        • Follows one to the dark part of the underhive
      • Reach a ruined church with around 60 people, has power

        • Ceelo, an elder wrapped in golden robes, seems to be prophesizing
        • People seem to be coming and going in rotation, seems a perpetual ritual
  • Group back up in the warehouse

    • Plan is to shut down the power in the chapel, raid the place, capture the Elder
  • We travel to meet up with the Adeptus Mechanus

    • Silus getting an emperor-approved aug
  • Radovan manages to buy a sniper rifle

    • Feels like he’s being watched while out shopping
  • Radovan also picks up an eviscerator
  • Splitting the group again

    • Stig and Grendal go to the power substation to short the power in that section

      • Stig rolls a 55, does phenomenon of the warp

        • Shorts out all electronics in a 24 meter area
    • Silus, Radovan, and Aurelio are at the chapel

      • People at the place are checking Silus’ new implant, tugging on it
      • Power surge goes through, people go nuts
      • Cords and wires around the elder come alive with purple light, form a skeletal 15-foot-tall creature

        • Used an EMP, knocked out the Worm
      • After running from the scene, are met by Stormtroopers in black vehicles

        • Overhear their comms, hear they are going to kill us after giving their information
  • Combat

    • Silus dies in a fiery explosion
  • Party gains 400 xp for combat
  • Radovan and Aurelio book it and run from approaching searchlights
Notes from 1/15
  • Silus and party are going to the tallest place in the upper hive to get his implant
  • Bartender meets Silus at the top of the hive

    • 9 other figures are in the sketchy shack

      • Most have some kind of augmentation
    • Silus has the implant and is sent to the back room

      • All of the other people jack in too
      • The Conduit passes through, drives people attached insane

        • Silus tries to flee, engages in combat
  • Combat:

    • We routed the enemy, captured a few
  • Examining the shack

    • Seems like it's regularly been used
  • Interrogating the captured hiver

    • Explains that there is a presence in the hive called "The Worm"
    • Attaching to the Conduit allows them to commune with the Worm as it comes and goes
    • Leaders are hardwired into the Conduit
    • Trying to predict what the Worm is doing and where it is going
    • Interrogation:

      • Where are the elders and where to find them

        • Scattered around the entire hive
        • The more circuitry you have, the more open to the conduit they are
        • Leaders are going to have more implants, they are energy hubs
      • Does he know anything about the missing medical ship

        • There is great destruction there, but he doesn't know any specifics
      • Tell us about the Sphecter(s)

        • They are miracles of the worm. 
        • Ever since the worm started happening, the Servitors came home and acted normal
      • Do you know what happened to Jarisanth Solus

        • No
    • Left Silus on roof to monitor
  • 24 hour skip
  • Went to mod specialist

    • Didn't find anything on the eye itself, no image, nothing strange
  • Went to the bar

    • Completely boarded up, nobody present
    • Trap door led to a cellar, wall panels removed to provide access to the Conduit
  • Visited the Adeptus Mechanicus to see if they know anything

    • Are brought to a huge cavern to meet with Magos Kaios
    • ​​​​​​​Given a box with an EMP grenade
    • Given an ointment for the cogitator from Jarisanth
  • Went back to the safehouse

    • Plugged in the cogitator

      • Printed a page
      • Started feeling the presence of the worm
    • Steam filled the room, we broke out
    • Unplugged the cogitator, stopped printing
  • Contacted Centilly to get us a new safehouse

    • ​​​​​​​Abandoned warehouse in the lower district
  • ​​​​​​​Heading to the Arbitrator HQ

    • Meet up with Corpulous

      • He tells us Centilly died because we didn't tell him not to go into the safehouse

        • Centilly wrote a thing on the wall before he died:

          • C-Utoxa Ven….. 

            • The end is cut off
  • Another week goes by

    • Corpulous summons us again

      • The missing medical ship has reappeared over the Agri world
      • A few hours later, the ship exploded
  • Party gained 400 experience from this session



Notes from 1/8
Random notes from the session
  • On Hive world – Gossmar                                        

    • Upper, middle, under levels of the hive

      • Upper is low class, melted by the acid rain
      • Middle is the affluent zone, wealthy people
      • Under is mostly industrial
    • Our group is sent to check out an SOS sent out.

      • SOS originated about 3 weeks ago, we do know what device was that sent the signal
    • Rebellion on the Agri world nearby
    • Centilly is the contact we are supposed to meet with, has more information

      • Were each giving a latex overcoat and business suit
  • Went to building where SOS comes from

    • Building is around 25 stories tall, and about the size of a city block
    • Acquired 11 digit passcode for the building stolen from Samuel Wiggins
    • Entered broom closet with computer that sent SOS

      • Have 11 digital ID for the person who used the Beacon

        • Jarisanth Solus, 14th floor, we found a RM24808 medical shipment to the Agri planet

          • He’s been missing for 3 weeks, we have his cogitator, we have his address
  • At Jarisanth’s house, run into an Arbitrator, Martin Corpulus

    • Has been investigating the rebel sympathizers

      • The medical ship has gone missing
    • Jarisanth’s bed is made, no forced signs of entry
    • Door to the balcony is open, has been for a while
    • Found a synthetic eye, bloody on the ground
    • Gun shots in the wall, no sign of any body or blood
    • See camera with a view of the balcony
  • Party Split

    • Stig, Aurelio, Radavan when to Arbites headquarters, then a mod specialist

      • Went to meet with Martin at Arbites headquarters

        • Video feed shows a person running off of the balcony
      • Left the eye with a mod specialist

        • He will disassemble the eye, and wait for us to come back in the morning to view anything that is left on the eye
    • Silas, Grendal went to explore and gain information from the underworld scene

      • Found a guy in a bar with a bunch of uncommon, very expensive mechanical modifications

        • Expensive mod guy is referred to as The Sphecter, who is actually a Servitor

          • He’s got a personality, which is odd
      • Random guy at the bar offers to get Silas an implant to The Conduit

        • Silas is going to meet the guy for the implant in the Upper Hive, at the highest antenna in a matter of hours
  • Party got 300 XP for end of session
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