Malcancior Precien Kordovius

Notes from 2/26

  • Splitting into two groups

    • Radovan and Grendal go to the local power station

      • Are able to find a page with a bunch of numbers, map of the area
    • Silus, Aurelio, and Stig go to search the city for the elders/a Servitor

      • Notice that people with the most augs are driving mining trucks

        • Follows one to the dark part of the underhive
      • Reach a ruined church with around 60 people, has power

        • Ceelo, an elder wrapped in golden robes, seems to be prophesizing
        • People seem to be coming and going in rotation, seems a perpetual ritual
  • Group back up in the warehouse

    • Plan is to shut down the power in the chapel, raid the place, capture the Elder
  • We travel to meet up with the Adeptus Mechanus

    • Silus getting an emperor-approved aug
  • Radovan manages to buy a sniper rifle

    • Feels like he’s being watched while out shopping
  • Radovan also picks up an eviscerator
  • Splitting the group again

    • Stig and Grendal go to the power substation to short the power in that section

      • Stig rolls a 55, does phenomenon of the warp

        • Shorts out all electronics in a 24 meter area
    • Silus, Radovan, and Aurelio are at the chapel

      • People at the place are checking Silus’ new implant, tugging on it
      • Power surge goes through, people go nuts
      • Cords and wires around the elder come alive with purple light, form a skeletal 15-foot-tall creature

        • Used an EMP, knocked out the Worm
      • After running from the scene, are met by Stormtroopers in black vehicles

        • Overhear their comms, hear they are going to kill us after giving their information
  • Combat

    • Silus dies in a fiery explosion
  • Party gains 400 xp for combat
  • Radovan and Aurelio book it and run from approaching searchlights



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